Archived model datasets

The whole of the CMIP6 HighResMIP data archive can be accessed via ESGF, via the different ESGF nodes, e.g. the LLNL node, UK CEDA node, and search under CMIP6/HighResMIP.

Derived diagnostics

Various people have produced derived outputs based on the HighResMIP datasets above.

Tropical storm tracks

The TC tracks from the PRIMAVERA group of HighResMIP models is here:

Roberts, M. (2019): CMIP6 HighResMIP: Tropical storm tracks. Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, date of citation.

with additional ones from MRI and NICAM models here:

Yamada, Y., et al. (2022): Tropical storm tracks from CMIP6 HighResMIP MRI-AGCM3-2 and NICAM.16 models. Open Science Framework

Synthetic tropical cyclone track dataset

Synthetic TC track datasets from Bloemendaal et al. (2022).;;;

Winter wind storm dataset

Winter windstorm event set from PRIMAVERA global climate models (Lockwood et al. 2022) for use in insurance risk analysis, consisting of 268 620 wind-storm footprints, covering 1332 years of data. Available from:

Global water level

Global water level change indicators from 1950 to 2050 derived from HighResMIP climate projections:!/dataset/sis-water-level-change-indicators-cmip6.